Atlantean Black Magician Drops in for a Visit

This is a true story.
Back in college , I moved off campus to a two bedroom apartment in an old three flat building. My roommate, Kim, was two years older than me. It was a Platonic relationship. She and my girlfriend were good friends.
I add, at this point, that my roommate was definitely psychic, and I am fairly sensitive to that whole realm as well.
Shortly after moving in, Kim began complaining about visits, usually late at night, by an evil presence. I would be asleep when the visitor showed up, and didn’t notice anything. It started showing up while I was awake, and I definitely could tell it was at her end of the apartment. Creepy, evil feeling: chills up and down the spine; you know, the usual spooky sensations.
A few weeks after this started, Kim told me what she knew about this presence. It was, of course, a black magician she and I studied under, way back in old Atlantis, coming to torment us now, in his astral body. He was getting even with us for turning from the dark path to white, good magic, and fighting him and his evil ways. I maintained a neutral attitude to this news, but I knew something nasty was afoot.
A month into these shenanigans, Kim came knocking at my bedroom door around 2 in the morning, wrapped in her blanket, begging to sleep on the floor next to my bed. She said the guy was somewhat afraid of me, because, back on Atlantis, I had become a stronger white magician than he was a black magician. I said she could sleep on the floor and use my spare blanket, too.
Half an hour later the booger showed up at the other end of my bedroom. I could see a black, glowing cloud; maybe three feet across, hovering about five feet off the floor. Yes, glowing black, with dull, dark red tinges, radiating a nasty, evil feeling. Kim was sitting on the floor, arms wrapped around her knees, with her horrified face sticking out of the blankets.
I sat up in bed, crossed my legs in a yoga posture called siddhasana, and began mentally repeating a Sanskrit mantra I knew, and directed my attention at the cloud. I could feel it getting more pissed off, but knew it was not capable of actually hurting anyone, other than scaring the bejesus out of you. It faded away quickly. It made one more minor appearance when my girlfriend came for a weekend visit. She saw it and felt it, but it was much less strong and was gone in a few seconds. I used the same treatment on it as before.

2 thoughts on “Atlantean Black Magician Drops in for a Visit

  1. bhaidin1 Post author

    No. I knew it wasn’t a black magician. My roommate had all sorts of psychic debris of her own making. She was quite psychic and could project a strong psychic force. I’m pretty sure a local nature spirit, if I can use them term, picked up on some subconscious things in her head, and helped her externalize them.

    The group of friends we were in were really big on who we were in past lives and we had read about Atlantis, especially writings by the Theosophists Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater, where they claimed to read the “Akashic records” and came up with details on black magicians and Atlantis. They were following the lead of the founder of the Theosophical Society, H. P. Blavatsky, who was, I think the first one to make the “Atlantean black magicians sank Atlantis” idea, in her book “The Secret Doctrine”.

    I don’t think that past life regression really recalls past lives. The karmic impressions of past lives are stored, so to speak, fairly high in the inner planes, in a region called the brahmanda by Hindus, or the causal plane by Theosophists. Actual access to them requires the ability to consciously transcend the physical plane, go upwards through the astral plane, and on upwards into the causal plane, where karmic impressions are stored, as a sort of mass of energies.

    Getting hypnotized only accesses the subconscious, where all sorts of psychic/psychological debris resides.

    Aside from which, there is no geological or oceanographic evidence for sunken continent off the coast of the Straits of Gibraltar, where Plato, the first to talk about Atlantis, placed it.

    I have been writing these Quasi-Scientist things to have fun and amuse in the Squatcher’s Lounge podcast. Several have been based on things I actually experienced, but they are all mainly about what I actually think on the subjects I present. A couple of them are just me being silly.

    Sorry to get so wordy.



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