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Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?

Night before last, when I was trying to come up with a topic for a quasi-theory for last night’s show, I whined in a message to the Reverend Jeff that I was drawing a blank on said topic. He suggested doing one on time travel. I replied that I didn’t believe in time. This, despite the evidence of my hair turning white. He then gave me time to come up with a topic by moving the show to Thursday night, although it was not moved simply to accommodate me.

Why do I not believe in time? It’s because whenever I look, it is always now. I think we think time is real only because we look at time through the wrong end of the telescope of consciousness, so to speak, so to speak metaphysically.

Physics says the universe has four sensible: dimensions, up and down, sideways, front and behind, and time. The number of necessary dimensions to account for everything below the atomic level are open to some debate, but 10 or 11 are broadly agreed on. But the now doesn’t really show up as one of them, as far as I can tell, but it is there as an assumption.

The old metaphysics of the ancient world took the now as the eternal basis for everything else. I will briefly discuss the Hindu version of this, one, because I consider myself a Hindu, philosophically, and two, because they are still alive and can explain it. I will leave the Sanskrit terms out of it.

What do I mean by the eternal now? It is that in which the past, present, and future appear to occur. It is that in which all individual discrete things exist. It is consciousness itself, before the objective universe pops up. It is the ocean of all consciousness, unconditioned pure beingness. There is no time as such. Time is a limitation that consciousness imposes on itself, so that limited creation can appear.

There are five of these self-imposed limitations. They are time, space, limited power, limited knowing, and desire, desire for limited, objectified experience. These five limitations make an infinite number of limited beings within the ocean of all consciousness, beings which include all the gods and goddesses, all the universes, galaxies, planets, us, all the what all there is, has been and will be, anything which is perceived as an individual object, is the result of those five limitations.

The five limitations make us look through the wrong end of the telescope of our consciousness. They are the telescope of our consciousness. Reverse the telescope and you begin to see the now. The now is very quasi.

Woo Squatches know all of this, of course, which is why we must habituate them and learn to use those portals and mind speak with them. The ancient aliens taught them everything.

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It’s Gone Viral!

Viruses are everywhere. There are 1033 of the teensy buggers on the planet. Just the weight of those in the ocean equals 75 million blue whales. They’re in your gut track, in dirt, in food; they’re even on the fringes of space, way high up in the atmosphere. Most viruses are not pathogens. We don’t even know what the hell most viruses do, other than that they exist.

Chunks of viral DNA make up a good part of the chordate genome. All of us creatures with anything like a backbone are chordates. This viral DNA in us is pretty much from viruses called retroviruses. They get in a cell and high jack the DNA, sticking their little genome into the DNA of the host cell, to make the host cell crank out more of the virus when the cell does it’s usual business.

Now retroviruses are messy little buggers when it comes to reproducing themselves. When a new little retrovirus pops out, it frequently has a bit of the host’s DNA as part of it’s genome, which then gets jammed into the DNA of a new host. The interesting part of the show happens when the retrovirus attacks an egg or a sperm cell, and the egg or sperm cell gets lucky, and I do mean in the naughty nudge nudge wink wink say no more kind of lucky.

The newly formed chordate progeny now has some of whatever that virus has been in before stuck into it, which can be made more interesting if that virus has gone and jumped species, like from pigs to birds to humans to… well you get my drift. Genetic drift.

Important things are known to have come from such retroviral shenanigans. Things like how placentas form during pregnancy in different mammals, where similar things occur but were caused by chunks of DNA inserted by different retroviruses in different species of mammals. Geneticists and microbiologists are just really beginning to look into this.

Here’s where I go all quasi on the subject.

I’ve been thinking that viruses are small enough to be quantum entangled. That is, you can produce a state in a group of them such that, if you tickle one of them, the others will start giggling, too. What you do to one of them happens to the other ones, as well.

I therefore googled it and found out that I’m not the only one who thinks so. There are scientists actually doing research, real experiments on the hypothesis, and there’s evidence that it really happens.

Now, if viruses are a major force driving evolution, and they apparently are, and they can be quantum entangled, which they apparently can, and quantum entanglement works through a higher order reality, or dimension, which is what theoretical physics currently thinks, is there a higher order intelligence, or intelligences, doing some of that quantum linking? When I look at evolutionary history, I see life going from exceedingly simple organisms, to more complex ones, to a highly complex, highly interdependent system, which is the opposite of what the theory of entropy says should happen.

And by higher order intelligences I do not mean ancient aliens.

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