From “The Spiritual Life” by Annie Besant

To injure another is to injure yourself, for each is part of a single whole. The body as a whole is poisoned, if poison be introduced into any part of it, and all living things are harmed by harm which is done to one. This one Life expresses itself in everything by seeking for happiness; everywhere and always, without exception, Life seeks happiness; and no suffering is ever voluntarily borne except as a road to a deeper and more lasting joy. None seeks aimless suffering, for the mere sake of suffering; it is endured only as a means to an end.

All religions recognize God as infinite Bliss, and union with God, i.e.., with perfect Bliss, is sought by all of them. Man’s nature, since he is divine, is also fundamentally blissful, and he therefore accepts all happiness as natural, and its coming to him is taken as needing no justification; he never asks: “Why do I enjoy?”But his nature revolts against pain as unnatural, and as needing justification, and he instinctively demands: “Why do I suffer?”

Deep unalloyed, enduring Bliss is the goal of life; the perfect satisfaction of every part of the being. The fleeting will-o’’-the-wisp of earthly pleasure is often mistaken for the glow of the Sun of Bliss, and then man suffers –and learns.”