Thy Light

If I am the moon, Thou art the sun;
If not for Thy Light, I’d be unseen.
Thy Light is steady, sure and serene,
Pure and delightful, It reigneth supreme.
My reflection’s erratic, dull and mundane,
Dim and most doubtful: I wax and wane.

Or if I am the sea, Thou art the moon;
Thy cool Light illumines my billows below.
Magically veiled, translucently pale,
Calming and soothing to the depths of my soul.
May the waves of my mind, wind tossed and tide driven,
Becalmed by Thy Light, shine that Light to heaven!

From the wide, starry sky, to the wild, windy sea,
Thy Light is a lifeline, an anchor, to me.

— Bhai Din

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