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A Brief Review of the Latest Issue of Fate Magazine: # 726

I have before me issue number 726, of Fate magazine. For those of you who have never seen, or heard, of Fate magazine, it is, as the subtitle on the front cover clearly states: True Reports of the Strange and Unknown.

I first learned of Fate: True Reports of the Strange and Unknown, when I was quite young. My mother regularly bought each monthly issue. It was founded in 1948, by Raymond A. Palmer (editor of Amazing Stories) and Curtis Fuller, a professional editor. I could go into further details, but I’d just be quoting Wikipedia.

It was actually a pretty decent read, until 1988, when it got into the hands of Llewellyn Publications. It went full bore New Age. I’ve nothing against New Agers, as such, but they frequently lose all grasp of anything properly sciencey, and accept wild claims at face value. It now belongs to Galde Press, Inc., which is as New Agey as they come.

The cover has a painting of what appears to be a near albino Bigfoot, presumably inspired by the lead article, the which article is entitled “Sasquatch”, by one Kewaunee Lapseritis, subtitled “Up close, personal communication with the Wise Ones”. Anyone familiar with Mr. Lapsertis will know that the article has no proof of anything, other than his say so. When you get to the actual article, the subtitle has changed. It now reads “Sasquatch A Terrestrial-Extraterrestrial?”.

I will quote from the second paragraph. That will be a sufficient review in itself. “After 57 years of research in cryptoanthropology, I have discovered the forest giants are really an evolved, nature people who migrated to earth with the help of friendly Star People millions of years ago, long before hairless humans were“seeded” here (their words). That was in September 1979 when both an ET and Sasquatch spoke to me telepathically. It was the shock of my life!”, end quote.

The cover is followed by several pages of advertisements, one for a warehouse bulk sale of old print issues of Fate (how could they possibly have not sold every copy of every issue?), and another for a book, Rulers of the Earth: Secrets of the Sons of God (now, who wouldn’t want to know that?).

Next comes the table of contents page. There are thirteen articles, four regular columns, and four departments who report in. The whole magazine is one-hundred and twenty-four pages long. There are ads scattered throughout. The ads are amazing in themselves. The last six pages are classified ads, about half of which are for over the phone psychic readings. The one for ROBERT “One of the best known

psychics in the country!”, is particularly enticing. That’s all it says, along with contact information, website and such. ROBERT “One of the best known psychics in the country!”

I’m giving up on anything like a real review at this point. Here’s just a few of the articles:

Vanga: Famous blind prophet and clairvoyant of Bulgaria”

The Rise of the Planet of the Bigfoot: What are we doing to aggravate Bigfoot?” by Brad Steiger, of all people.

Time-Slowing Tabbies: Is this the answer to immortality?”

Fate Missing Persons Bureau: Can you help find this missing woman?” It asks for any psychic help available.

The column by the editor, “From Your Editor”, highlights an experience she had when, years earlier, she had laid out several Atlantean Crystal Wands she had just made, on her dining room table, waiting for the leather wrapping to dry. I quote her, “Later, clairvoyantly, I saw a large, brown-haired Bigfoot walking around the table inspecting them. He had his hands clasped behind his back, and was intently looking at them.” End quote.

Since that is precisely how Kewaunee Lapseritis gets all his knowledge of the Wise Ones, we have come full circle in this review.

I must now go and order an Atlantean Crystal Wand, some smudge sticks, and evil psychic influence removing, specially ritually blessed and scented, Wiccan guaranteed cruelty free, vegan soap, to purge this review from my soul.

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