More on the Portals and Woo

The subject of Sasquatch using portals has lately returned to the Squatcher’s Lounge. Having given this much thought, and having discussed this a bit with some of my fellow Lounge members, I will expound a bit further on this subject, mainly in the form of questions.

We will assume, as a working hypothesis, that, according to theoretical physicists, the universe may well be actually a multiverse, with multiple individual universes existing alongside ours in parallel dimensions, with the physical laws of those universes differing substantially from ours. I will ignore the theories of multiple time lines for this dissertation.

Now, if some aliens in another universe figure out how to open a portal to our universe, there’s some serious problems they face.

Firstly, they have to be able to identify a universe that has laws identical to theirs, or they will die when crossing the portal, or be transformed into the gods know what.

Secondly, they must be able to identify a planet that has essentially the same atmospheric composition as theirs, nearly the same gravity, and maybe even be able to detect that there is no, say T. rex equivalent that has an ability to detect the opening of a portal.

In other words, they have to have an extremely high level of technology, and the level of civilization that that implies, to safely open a portal and pass through, with a reasonable expectation of getting back home alive and well. That means they must be highly intelligent.

The argument that these aliens are portalling about from within our own universe has the same flaw as my second point.

Here’s the glitch: None of the reports of anything coming and going through portals describe the entities involved as exhibiting any technology at all. At least not the Sasquatch related reports, anyways.

This pretty much leaves what we have come to term ‘woo’, as the preferred method of portalling about, not counting it all being fantasy and lies. If they are real, these portals must then be some sort of psychic power? Something inducing an illusion in the minds of the observers?

As I pointed out in my first quasi-theory on this subject, almost all cultures that have much of a history, have folk legends of very similar occurrences and entities, from the fairies, gnomes, and elves of the Celtic peoples, to the bhuts of India and the Djinn of Islam. Many an Irish laddie and lassie have been led into the fairy mountain, to come back with wondrous tales.

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